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Cheapest Way to Ship Heavy Items in 2022

With the ease and popularity of eCommerce businesses, it is no surprise that you have to ship heavy packages to customers. The new eCommerce alternatives have engulfed the traditional form of shopping behavior. The millennials want everything at their doorstep with the click of a button. This change in shopping behavior has made it challenging for businesses to ship heavy items like a refrigerator, television, couch, etc.

Before you decide to ship heavy items, you should consider multiple things, like dimensional weight, fragility, shipping destination, and courier company. You should also pack your package properly and take an accurate reading before you ship the package. Comparing different courier companies is a must if you're looking for a cheaper option for shipping heavy items. It would also be beneficial to get insurance on your package.

Source: Moving Tips

What Is Considered a Heavy Item in Shipping?

Before finding the best way to ship heavy items, you need to know what the courier companies consider a heavy item. Every courier has its standards for heavy-weight freight. We will discuss a quick overview of USPS, DHL, UPS, and FedEx.


If your box exceeds the combined girth and length of 130 inches or 108 inches in length, USPS will charge you a standard parcel select oversize price. Their maximum weight for most services offered is around 70 lbs. You might have to pay a hefty amount for heavier packages bigger than their standard weight limit. It is best to work out with them to decide on a specific rate for you in such cases.


Although DHL is a reputable international shipping carrier, it too has its size and weight limits. DHL considers your package oversize if the single dimension of your package exceeds 47.24 inches or weighs over 154.3 lbs. You might also need to pay an extra cost of $89 to DHL for every heavy-weight package.


UPS allows you to ship heavy items up to 90lbs. If your package weighs above its billable weight or exceeds the length of 96 inches, you must pay an additional charge.

In case the package is over 150 lbs, 165 inches in length and girth, or 108 inches in length, the package is considered an oversized package by UPS. If the package comes under oversized limits, it must be shipped using the UPS freight service.


An oversized package for FedEx is if your package is above 96 inches or a combined 130 inches. The minimum billable weight for FedEx is 90lbs. You can expect an oversize charge of $90 for a heavy item. This amount can also add a surcharge of $37.50 per package during the peak shipping times annually.

Things to Consider When Shipping Heavy Items

When looking for the cheapest way to ship heavy items, there are multiple things to consider. You have to find the proper packaging and the right freight company for your package. Here are some of the factors you should consider when making a decision.

Dimensional Weight

If you have a large and unevenly shaped package, the dimensional weight comes into play. This happens when the product is lightweight but takes up large spaces on the delivery trucks.

The shipping rates for such packages get calculated based on their volumetric dimension. In such cases, the freight charges are calculated either on its actual weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater. To ship the package at a cheaper cost, you will have to find a way to make the dimensions smaller.

The fragility of the Items

The cheapest way to ship heavy items goes past the right packaging and delivery time. To ship fragile items, looking for a courier company that is good at handling fragile packages is vital. This way, you will be able to deliver your items in good condition without any damage. Sometimes, you might also have to pay surcharges for the same.

Origin and Destination of the Package

Regardless of how heavy your shipping package is, the freight company will calculate your shipping cost based on the destination and origin of the package. The further the shipping destination, the higher the shipping cost will be.

Shipping Courier

Every shipping company has its rules, shipping rates, and standards for shipping heavy items. These factors influence your total cost of shipping. Working with a more flexible and friendly carrier service can be more helpful. You can also use the courier comparison tool to find the best rates for your mailing package.

Shipping Speed

Although you can't control things that drive up your shipping cost, you can completely control how fast you want it delivered. You can go for overnight delivery, ground shipping, or 2-day shipping. The only catch is that you'll have to pay extra if you want your package delivered faster. To ship the heavy items the cheapest way, go for a slower delivery option as it can help lower the total shipping cost.


We know that every carrier company has its limitations regarding large and heavy items. Therefore, it would be very helpful if you could contact the carrier to inquire about their restrictions. This process makes it easier for you to decide on the suitable carrier for your package.

Best Ways to Ship Large and Heavy Items

There are a few big companies that work in heavy item shipping. Though they are good options to consider, not every company is cost-effective. You should always pick the one that provides the best rates per your requirements.

Most carrier companies dealing with individual customers or smaller businesses publicly share the rates. But this is not the same for more prominent companies. If you have many packages, choose freight shipping over the regular parcel to get the best price.

What to Do before Shipping Large and Heavy Items

Source: Shipper HQ

To ensure a smooth shipping experience while mailing the packages to your end customers, you should do some things. These are,

1. Take Accurate Weight Readings

Shipping heavy items can be costly, so you should avoid adding more to the cost. Weigh and measure your package properly to get accurate readings. These readings will help you get the most affordable and convenient quote for your package.

2. Proper Packaging

Heavy items are more subject to bumps, shocks, or drops than smaller and lightweight items. It is essential to pack your package properly to withstand double transit shocks. You can do this by using a corrugated carton or double-walled box. Add dunnage to fill empty spaces between the product and the box to restrict movement.

3. Tracking

Late transit times are a regular part of heavy-weight package shipping. To check the status of your shipment, you should always have access to the tracking information. This helps in monitoring the package efficiently until it reaches the end customer. Having a tracking number also enables you to take action in case of any mishaps.

4. Shipping Insurance

Heavy items are generally high valued items. You wouldn't want to suffer the loss in case your package arrived damaged at your customer's doorstep. To avoid this, you should always get your package insured as it can help you recover your loss caused due to damages.

5. Courier Comparison

It would be best to compare different carrier rates before deciding on one. This comparison can be useful in finding the most affordable and cost-effective service to ship heavy items. You can use a shipping rate calculator to check the difference in cost.

Why Should You Choose 3PL for Shipping Heavy Items?

3PL or third-party logistics are experienced logistics companies in regards to handling multiple shipments of all sizes and weights. They partner with the best carriers to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Third-party logistics are the most popular choice amongst growing eCommerce, dropshipping, and SMEs. It can be a valuable partnership for a retailer dealing with complex shipments. Titan 3PL is an excellent choice if you're looking for the right partner to ship your products without hassle.

Ship Heavy Items with Titan 3PL

If you want to ship heavy items, you should always rely on experts! Titan 3PL can improve your shipping experience by,

  • Providing you with the best rates

  • Partnering with a network of fulfillment centers worldwide

  • Multi-carrier solutions for global shipping

To know more about Titan 3PL, contact us today!

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