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11 Types of Custom Packaging for Dropshipping Business

The growing popularity of dropshipping has made it difficult for new entrepreneurs to get into the business. Having custom packaging for dropshipping business is the only element differentiating your product from your competitors. It is important to showcase your product in a way that increases its perceived value. Additionally, it portrays to your customer that you care about the quality presentation of your product.

Custom packaging is a unique way of packaging products that allows you to create a distinct image in the eyes of your customers. You can use multiple materials in custom packaging for dropshipping and eCommerce businesses. Some of the most popular are corrugated boxes, paperboard boxes, jute bags, foil sealed bags, envelopes, etc. You can also add dunnage to protect fragile items.

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We'll discuss 11 types of custom packaging that can provide you with an edge over your competitors in the dropshipping business.

What Is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is a distinctive way to package and ship your company's products designed specifically to cater to your brand's requirements. It is made such that the product fits in perfectly and is safer to mail without damaging the products.

To make the perfect custom packaging, it has to go through various stages of designing, prototyping, testing, and other processes. It requires a lot of time & resources to build a custom dropshipping package due to the intensive process the packaging has to go through.

You can also include customized prints, patterns, pictures, or logos on the product boxes that run true to your brand. Such designs make your packaging different from any other standard or generic packaging.

Types of Custom Packaging for Dropshipping Business

In this list, we will discuss the 11 types of custom packaging for a dropshipping business.

1. Corrugated Boxes

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Corrugated or cardboard boxes that sneaker companies use to send in their shoes. These boxes are the most common form of packaging in the United States. Around 95% of all American goods are shipped in a corrugated box.

There are different kinds of corrugated boxes depending on the material's strength and durability. These different types of boxes are differentiated by their 'flutes.' A flute is a wavy material between two liner boards glued on top and bottom.

Larger the flute size, the better the compression resistance of the box. You should always check if the flute size is perfect for the type of product you want to ship.

2. Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are lightweight yet rigid foldable cartons that you can lay flat when they are not in use. These boxes can easily be customized and manipulated as per the required shapes or structures. There are four types of paperboard boxes you can choose from,

  • Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) boxes

Solid Bleached Sulfate Box is a virgin hardwood fiber grade paperboard. These boxes are made from wood pulp with a coating of clay mineral on its top surface. Due to its medium-density board, you can use it to print high-quality graphics for your packaging. SBS boxes are best for meats, wet foods, dairy, cosmetics, and other perishable items.

  • Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK) boxes

Coated Unbleached Kraft is made from an unbleached or natural fiber that imparts a light brown color. Kraft boxes have the maximum strength and resistance qualities among all the standard packaging. CUK material is used for heavy-duty retail packagings like hardware, beverages, or laundry detergents.

  • Coated Recycled Paperboard

Coated Recycled paperboard is made from recycled fibers. The material is finished using a top layer of white fibers and a clay coating to improve its printing quality. You can use this packaging material for dry foods like cereals, pasta, detergents, and laundry soaps.

  • Chipboard Paperboard

Chipboard paperboard is a lightweight paperboard made from recycled boxes and newspapers. Due to its lightweight, you can not use it for shipping heavy items. High moisture levels can also affect the material and cause them to discolor or expand. You can use this material for packing confectionery, jewelry items, and cosmetics.

3. Paper Bags

Source: Unsplash

Paper bags are the most staple packaging materials made from paper pulp later pressed into sheets or paper rolls. These paper bags are what you see at a grocery store. Compared to plastic, it is more eco-friendly and allows businesses to showcase their environmental concerns.

4. Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are sturdy packaging boxes made of highly condensed paperboard and consist of high-thickness chipboard. This thickness is four times the standard packaging, making the box much more durable to use and ship. Rigid boxes are also referred to as gift boxes and premium packaging. It is a premium packaging option used for luxury products and board games.

5. Bottle & Cap

Do you want to ship products in the personal care category like creams, lotions, or cosmetics? Or maybe pharmaceuticals. In both cases, Bottle and Cap is the right choice for you. Besides providing convenience to the end-user, it is also affordable if you purchase them in bulk. You can also contact our support staff at Titan 3PL if you wish to customize your bottle labeling.

6. Plastic

Source: istockphoto

Plastic is another popular choice among drop shippers & eCommerce retailers. These plastic boxes are lightweight, flexible, cost-effective, and stronger than paper board boxes. To ship food materials, you can also use airtight plastic containers since they can help preserve food quality and avoid contamination.

7. Foil-Sealed Bags

Foil-sealed bags are the material you've already seen on your cheese, coffee, or cured meats. It is used to increase the shelf life, maintain its freshness, and reduce contamination.

It is essential to suck out the oxygen from the bag when using a foil-sealed bag. This sucking out oxygen helps to keep the fabric secure and tight. Although it's not the cheapest packaging option, you can still need it depending on the type of product you want to ship.

8. Cotton Bags

Source: DennisWisser

Besides being the most popular textile globally, cotton also has its uses in packaging. Environment-friendly brands have started using cotton bags for delivering their products. Due to its natural softness and property to pass air, premium brands use it to ship high-end clothes, jewelry, and glassware.

The bags are also reusable, thus adding an environment-friendly benefit to them. Cotton bags can be used for custom packaging for dropshipping, as they can easily be dyed or imprinted with personalized logos. The only drawback to this packaging is that you don't get protection from external environmental factors.

9. Jute

Jute is also known as burlap and is a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material. The material used in making jute is fibrous, similar to cotton, and can be easily colored or printed. Due to its thickness, you can easily use it for packaging agricultural and personal care products.

10. Envelopes & Bubble Mailers

Source: Etsy

Are you planning to ship multiple products by post? If so, envelopes & bubble mailers can be the best option for you. It's a low-cost alternative and can also be customized with colors or branding as per your needs. Bubble mailers are also helpful in mailing fragile items. You can easily use it for interior wrapping without the need for any dunnage.

11. Dunnage

Dunnage is the packaging done to the product inside the box to protect it from breaking. There are various items to choose from when selecting dunnage. Some of the most popular dunnage are tissue paper, airbags, styrofoam, kraft paper, bubble wrap, and plastic blisters.

You can learn more about dunnage in our detailed article, dunnage and its advantages.

Benefits of Dropshipping with Custom Packaging

There are many benefits and advantages of custom packaging for a dropshipping business. Some of them are,

  • Memorable unboxing experience for customers

  • Protects your products from damage

  • Cheaper and value for money solution

  • Helps in building your brand awareness

  • Drives more customers loyalty

  • Provides effective marketing by standing out from your competitors

  • Can add more to the popularity when using sustainable packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Get Custom Packaging for My Dropshipping Business?

With only a little investment, you can easily get custom product packaging for your dropshipping business. It will help you build your brands and improve customer experience. You can also start by adding a "Thank you" card to your products.

Can I Put My Own Label on Wholesale Products?

You can put your label on wholesale products by finding a private label manufacturer for your product. You can ask the manufacturer to make your products under your brand label.

Custom Packaging and Order Fulfillment with Titan 3PL

If you're looking for a service to improve your customer experience through custom packaging for dropshipping business, Titan 3PL is the right choice for you. We help our clients provide a better customer experience to their customers by our customized order fulfillment service.

We provide suitable packaging to your product at an affordable price and add inserts, coupons, or flyers tailored to your customer's needs. To know more about Titan 3PL, contact us today!

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